Welcome to Hinsto, where we work hand in hand with you, the client, to create beautifully crafted, handmade solid timber furniture. Together, we bring your vision to life, carefully honing each detail to ensure a truly extraordinary piece tailored exclusively for your space.

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1. Design and Planning:

Our journey begins with a collaborative and creative exploration of your desires, preferences, and design aspirations. We take the time to understand your unique style and requirements, working closely with you to transform your ideas into tangible sketches or detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. At this stage, we meticulously plan the dimensions, joinery techniques, and overall structure of your bespoke furniture, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision.

  • Tasmanian Oak

  • Recycled Messmate

  • American Walnut

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2. Material Selection:

as we move into the second stage of creating your bespoke furniture masterpiece. Elevate your design with our carefully curated timber selection, featuring the timeless beauty of Tasmanian Oak, the rich history embodied in Reclaimed Australian Hardwood sourced from old homes and buildings, and the luxurious warmth of American Walnut. Each piece of timber in our collection possesses unique characteristics, from the natural grains of Tasmanian Oak to the captivating charm of Reclaimed Australian Hardwood, salvaged from structures with stories to tell. Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics; it's about crafting furniture that stands the test of time, blending style, character, and sustainability. Choose a timber that resonates with your taste, and let us bring your vision to life with the exceptional materials that define our commitment to excellence.

3. Cutting and Milling:

In the third step of crafting your personalised furniture, we bring out the big tools. We use precision machines like panel saws and cabinet saws to carefully cut and shape the timber pieces. Our thicknessers and jointers ensure that each part is just the right size and thickness, creating a solid foundation for your custom piece. Plus, we use a range of top-notch Festool items to add those finishing touches. It's all about combining the precision of machines with the expertise of our craftsmen to turn raw timber into the perfect building blocks for your unique furniture.

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4. Assembly:

As we move into the fourth stage of crafting your one-of-a-kind furniture, we shift our focus to the fine art of assembly. This is where the pieces of your custom creation come together, and our skilled craftsmen work diligently to ensure a seamless fit. Employing a combination of precision joinery and expert assembly techniques, we bring your envisioned design to life. Every component is carefully arranged and securely connected, ensuring not only a beautiful aesthetic but also a sturdy and enduring structure. At this stage, the dedication to detail is paramount, as we confirm that all parts fit harmoniously, creating a cohesive and well-crafted piece that will grace your space with both style and substance.

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5. Sanding and Finishing:

In the fifth stage of our meticulous furniture-crafting process, we shift our attention to the sensory experience of your bespoke piece. The skilled hands of our craftsmen embark on the art of sanding, meticulously smoothing every surface to perfection. Starting with coarse grit and progressing to finer textures, we ensure a touch that is not just smooth but also inviting. With the surfaces prepared, we move on to the transformative stage of finishing, where we enhance the natural beauty of your chosen timber. At Hinsto, we use Fiddes Hard Wax Oil for its highly durable, water-resistant, non yellowing and easy to maintain properties. 

6. Quality Control:

As we step into the sixth stage of our bespoke furniture creation, our commitment to excellence takes centre stage. Rigorous quality control becomes the hallmark, ensuring that every detail meets our standards. Our skilled team meticulously inspect each element of your custom piece, from the precision of the joinery to the flawless finish. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and in stage six, we reaffirm our promise to deliver a piece that is not only visually stunning but also a testament to enduring craftsmanship and attention to detail.

7. Delivery/Installation:

In the seventh stage of our bespoke furniture journey, we extend a seamless experience to bring your crafted masterpiece into your space. At this juncture, you have the flexibility to choose how you'd like to receive your custom creation. Whether you prefer a personal touch and wish to collect your furniture directly from us, immersing yourself in the joy of its completion, or if convenience is key and you'd like us to organize a hassle-free delivery to your doorstep, the choice is yours. Our commitment to a superior client experience extends beyond the workshop, ensuring that your journey with Hinsto is not only about exceptional craftsmanship but also about personalized service tailored to your preferences.

Say goodbye to mass-produced pieces and embrace the beauty of bespoke furniture.

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